mandag den 1. maj 2017

Artboards in Adobe Illustrator: Duplicate artboards

The first theme of my blog will be about artboards in Adobe Illustrator. In my work I often need to create variations of the same basic artwork. Therefore I prefer to duplicate artboards, rather than create them from scratch.

As an example I'll show how to create variations of a simple hang tag.

So let´s start by opening Artboards panel:

In the artboard panel I choose "Duplicate Artboards" from the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

Now I have to identical artboards, with the advantage that the artwork is placed at exactly the same location on both artboards. 

To try out four color variations, I duplicate my artboard three times and choose four different colors.

It makes your artwork look more professional as it does not jump from side to side on the pages.

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